Which adults work in the classroom?

Mrs Hartley – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Mrs Brierley (HLTA) – Teaching Thursday but in class each day.

Mrs Parsons (TA)

Which days will my child need their PE kit?

Tuesday – PE

Friday – Swimming

How is homework organised?

Spellings- a list of words will be sent home on Thursdays to learn for a test the following week. Reading books will be sent home on Fridays. Your child should read aloud at least 4 x per week. If your child finishes their reading book in the week, there are books they can access on the Rising Stars website or they can read a book from home if they have one available. A numeracy or literacy skills activity will be posted on Google Classroom every Friday for your child to complete and submit online. A grid of topic activities will be posted on Google Classroom every half term for your child to select activities from. These activities are optional. No homework will be set for over the holidays.

What reading should my child be doing each week?

Approximately 20 minutes, at least 4 x per week.

How will spellings be sent home and what should I do with them?

A spellings practise grid will be sent home on Thursdays. The children should practise writing them out using the ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write, check’ method. They should also practise saying the words in sentences to ensure they understand the meaning.

What topics will my child be enjoying?

We are currently learning all about European countries and exploring human and physical features. We will be focussing on Paris and comparing the city of Paris to London. In art, we will be looking at the European artists/ architects, Picasso and Hundertwasser and in music we will be appraising music by several European composers including Mozart and Beethoven. After half term, our topic will be titled ‘Hunted’. The science focus will be on grouping living plants/animals, using keys, food chains and protecting habitats. Art work will include observational drawing on parts on animals and plants and in DT, the children will design and make a meal for a shipwrecked explorer.

How can I contact my class teacher?

Please telephone school to arrange an appointment for either a visit or phonecall.

Alternatively email the teacher – please note that emails will not be responded to after 6pm.


What trips/visitors will my child be doing?

If possible, I would like to arrange a survival skills session for the children either in school/ off site (Covid dependent).

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

If you have a concern we encourage your first contact should be with the class teacher. However, should you have further concerns please contact Mr Bolton head@broadway.lancs.sch.uk